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Replacing Locks

When one of our locksmiths replaces a lock for you, you can be certain that you’re safety is in god hands. Our locksmiths have had advanced training and thanks to their experience they can replace your lock quickly and efficiently. Our qualified locksmiths can offer you the following advantages:

The 3 degrees of quality for SKG-certified locks:

SKG-locks have three different kinds of certified locks:

Locksmith Hilversum has a large supply of locks in stock.

If you want us to come and assemble your locks, you can make an appointment quickly and easily. Nearly all of our locks are in stock at any moment. So you will never have to wait for long. We install locks of high quality brands from around the world. Our locksmiths only work with certified and qualified SKG locks. So you can be assured that your locks are of the highest quality. If you are uncertain which one of our locks you want, we will be happy to give you advice. Together we will find the lock that you need.

Keyed alike locks: Do you have multiple doors in your house of which you want to replace the locks? You might want to consider using keyed alike locks. This means having multiple locks that can be opened with the same set of keys. After all, convenience is key.

Save money on your insurance bounties: Quality locks will reduce the odds of a burglary occuring in your house or building. With a reduced chance of burglary, your insurer might want to reduce the cost of your insurance bounties. Ask your locksmith or insurer about the conditions. 

Replacing your locks with haste: Our locksmiths have a 24-hour service. Which means they can help you any day of the week at any time.

Replacing your lock

Replacing a lock is a job best left to professionals. You want to be certain that your lock is installed properly and safely. Our locksmiths exclusively use locks that have an SKG quality mark. So that you can be certain that your doors and windows are protected. Our locksmiths work fast and skillfully. Most of our locks are always in stock. So you’ll never have to wait long for an appointment.

Security locks

If you intend to replace an older lock, we suggest choosing a special security lock. These locks, while slightly more expensive, will maximize the protection we can offer you. Make sure you can make an informed decision, because there are many different qualified locks we have to offer.

A fitting solution with Locksmith Hilversum

If you are uncertain about which locks to choose, you can always come to us for advice. We will take your requirements and budget into account. There is plenty of choice, with our help you’ll find the locks that serves you best!