Locksmith Hilversum
Locksmith Hilversum

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Opening locks

When you lock yourself out of your house ad you don’t have any keys at your disposal. It is not wise to try and break the lock yourself. If you don’t hire a professional locksmith, you risk damaging your doors and windows. With help from our locksmiths and their special equipment, your locks can be opened without any damage to your property. We can also replace your old locks so that you won’t need new keys. 

If necessary, we can also replace your locks after opening them

While our locksmiths can open most locks without any damage, there are exceptions. If a lock cannot be opened without damage, our locksmiths can install a new lock for you immediately. These locks are always SKG-qualified so that you can be certain that your home or building is safe. Assembly is done quickly and professionally.

Opening your door, urgently

You can make use of the following services when you need your lock opened urgently: 

Locked out in Hilversum

If you find yourself locked out of your home in Hilversum, you’d best call our emergency services. We will make haste and be there within 20 minutes to help you out. This is possible because we have multiple establishments in the area. Every street in Hilversum is covered. So there is no need to worry if you lock yourself out, we’ll be there soon. 

Key broken Hilversum

Keys are often heavily used. So despite them being made of brass,they will eventually start to lose its quality and eventually break. You can prevent this from happening by noticing the signs of a worn out key: When the key’s ‘teeth’ start chipping off or shows signs of rusting. To prevent your key from completely breaking off and locking you out, it’s best to call us prematurely. But you can call us after your key has broken, as well. If your key is stuck in the lock, it may be necessary to break the lock. Of course, we can replace said lock for you immediately.

24/7 lock service

Do you want to have a lock replaced because it is worn out? Then of course you don’t want to wait weeks for that. Because it is sometimes difficult to be at home during working hours, you can make an appointment with our locksmith when it suits you. This can also be, for example, in the morning before you go to work or in the evening when you are back home. We work with a 24-hour lock service. This is not only available for emergencies but also for other closing jobs. Because most of the locks we install are in stock, you never have to wait long before we can come and install them. You make an appointment and we are at your door at the agreed time.