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Installing a multi-point lock

If you have different types of locks on the door and you always need different keys, it is not very convenient. To prevent this problem, you can also choose to have a multi-point lock placed on the door. There is only one kind of lock throughout your buildingĀ  that you only have to operate with one key. Problems with the wrong key are now a thing of the past. A multi-point lock is very safe because it closes at several points at the same time. The fitting is located over the entire length of the door and with the turn of the key it is anchored in more places. Therefore, you can unlock and lock any door or window with the swipe of your hands.

The advantages of a multi-point lock

A multi-point lock is extraordinarily safe and a good investment. With a multi-point lock you can enjoy the following advantages:

Which multi-point lock is for you?

If you want to have a multi-point lock installed, it is important that you first look around to see what types are available. A multi-point lock is also called a three-point lock by many people, but there are also variants for sale that close at five or even seven points at the same time. The more points there are at which a door or window closes, the safer, of course. Doors and windows which have a singular lock cannot be opened in this way. Do you find it difficult to choose a suitable multi-point lock yourself? Always ask the locksmith Hilversum for advice. This can help you make the right choice.

Request a free quotation

If you want to have a multi-point lock installed, you should definitely take into account that these are not particularly cheap. However, it does provide you with an excellent lock that also contributes to the burglary protection of your home. Because there are various types of multi-point locks for sale, their prices also vary. If you want to know what you’ll have to pay for a well-fitting closure, it is best to get a quotation first. You can request these via the contact form that you will find on our website. This is without obligation so that you are always free to cancel.