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Locksmith Hilversum

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Locksmith Hilversum's emergency services

Are you locked out? Have you accidentally left your keys on the inside of the door or have you simply forgotten to take them with you? Then Locksmith Hilversum can help you out. Our locksmiths all have a certificate of conduct in their pocket, are extremely reliable and work professionally. They only install locks with an SKG certification so that you always get a proper and safe lock. If you are faced with an emergency, please contact our emergency service. This is available 24/7 (by phone) and we ensure that the locksmith will be there as quickly as possible to help you out.

Opening doors, free of damage

When our locksmiths have to open a lock for you, they always use specialized tools. They do this to prevent the door or frame from being damaged. In most cases, the lock itself can be preserved so that you can continue to use it. If this does not work or if the lock is of poor quality, it can be replaced for you. Sometimes it is enough to just replace the cylinder in the lock. This way you save on costs and you still have a good lock on the door or window.

Need a locksmith with haste?

With us you are assured of reliable and professional staff who have a lot of experience in the field of locks. We offer you a 24-hour service and are always available within 20 minutes in case of emergencies. 

Locked out in Hilversum

When you are locked out, you can always call Locksmith hilversum. It doesn’t matter what time it is or what day of the week. We are always there for you, 24/7. For us, being locked out means that the job is urgent, because you want to get back inside as quickly as possible. The locksmith works throughout Eindhoven, so it doesn’t matter which neighborhood or street you live in. We work with more technicians, so someone can always be there quickly. In an emergency, our locksmiths are there within 20 minutes.

Opening your doors

If your key has broken inside the lock, you should not try to pull the remains out of the lock. Doing so may risk damaging the lock. Always contact our locksmiths to be safe. Our locksmiths use specialized tools and only work with the greatest of care to prevent your locks and keys from being damaged. If your lock is already damaged, we can fix that for you without having to make another appointment. Our locksmiths only use SKG-qualified locks so you can be certain of your lock’s superior quality. 

24-hour locksmiths

If you are busy during the week, it can be difficult to make an appointment to have a lock installed. Of course you don’t want to wait too long for this, but you can’t always take time off. Luckily, we have a 24-hour service. Our locksmiths can make an appointment with you when it suits you best. This can also be after work or in the weekends, for example. This means you never have to wait long for jobs that are not too urgent, but which you would like to have done as quickly as possible. We have most locks in stock so you don’t have to wait for them to arrive and we can install them for you right away. Of course, our 24-hour service always applies to emergencies, but also to other closing jobs.

Repairing damage from burglaries

When there is a break-in, the lock is often pushed into the front door. To prevent a recurrence, it is important that the lock is replaced as soon as possible. You can always call in the locksmith Hilversum for this. Replacing a lock is one of our top priority jobs. So after you call our emergency service, the locksmith will be at your doorstep within 20 minutes. The lock is replaced quickly and professionally and you always receive an SKG-certified lock that offers extra security. If the lock has not been forced but the keys have been stolen, having the lock replaced is definitely recommended so that the stolen keys become useless.