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Burglary protection Hilversum

When you’re trying to protect your property, the first thing you need is proper hinges and locks. But there are plenty of other options to secure your property even better. For example; Installing camera’s and efficient lighting on the terrain. Of course, we offer protection for any kind of property. From company headquarters to apartments and studio’s to mansions. Our locksmiths can always give you advice on what is the best option for you. with their help, you can rest easy knowing that your properly is well protected.

Improving burglary protection with hinges and locks.

Good burglary protection is determined by the quality of the hinges and locks of your home. If this is not in order, you can hang as many cameras as you want, but they will have little effect. When it is made easy for burglars to get in, they will certainly try. Therefore, it is important that you have good locks fitted by our locksmith. The choice between hinges and locks is large, so always ask our locksmiths for advice first. They only install locks that have an SKG certificate. SKG stands for Foundation Quality Gevelbouw. This body approves locks for safety and awards stars for that. This way you can tell how safe a lock is.

Proper burglary protection begins with quality hinges and locks.

When you choose which hinges and locks to use for your home or business, you are already well on your way to preventing burglary. Think not only of doors, but also of the security of windows. As a result, burglars sometimes want to break in, especially if a window is easy to reach. Because we only install locks that have an SKG certificate, you can be sure that you are getting safe locks at home. You can choose from locks that are ‘standard’ burglary resistant, heavy burglary resistant and even extra heavy burglary resistant. Which one you choose is of course up to you. The locksmith can always help you with your choice.

Take action against burglars

If you are away from home regularly, it is important that you have good hinges and locks so that you can close the house properly and thus prevent burglary. However, there are other things that are crucial to remember, especially when you are away for a longer period of time. In that case it is important that you make sure that it is not obvious that you are gone. Provide a lamp that regularly switches on a timer and close all doors and windows when you’re away. Create the impression that someone is in the house by having someone else open and close the curtains.

Different kinds of protection

When you’re thinking of getting burglary protection, there are a couple of things to keep in mind:

What to do when you lose your keys?

In case you have hidden your keys too well and can no longer find them, it is always smart to have an extra key made. You need at least one spare key and often one more is even better so that you’ll never go wrong. However, have your keys been stolen or have you lost them outside the home? Then there is a chance that the person who now owns them will gain unauthorized access to your home. To prevent this, it is wise to have a new lock fitted by the locksmith.